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Understanding Invisalign Glasgow and how it may benefit you

Invisalign Glasgow

What is it?

When first seeking teeth straightening options, visible braces may come to mind, or the large contraptions which would sit on the outside of the head. However, it may be that you are aware of the more modern, cosmetically appealing aligner methods which focus on straightening the teeth whilst remaining inconspicuous throughout the treatment.

Invisalign Glasgow realigns the teeth by pushing the teeth gently into a newly aligned position within the mouth whilst barely impacting your daily life. Tailor-made to fit in a snug and comfortable way within the individual’s mouth, these small, removable aligners have taken the orthodontic world by storm and continue to rise in popularity across different ages.

Knowing what you looking into

Whilst the internet provides numerous articles, reviews and knowledge of a variety of things, when searching for a tooth realignment method it is important to discuss the process with the experts who know you and understand your alignment problem. This is why, as with most dental treatments and procedures, a consultation process will be implemented, to begin with. This highly important appointment not only allows your dental team to examine your teeth, mouth and gums but also enables them to narrow down the pros and cons that may impact your treatment. It is also a time when any questions that may be floating around can be discussed and answered effectively.

Following on from the consultation

For those that are suitable for the Invisalign Glasgow treatment, following on from the consultation, a series of transparent retainers will be created from the digital scans, x-rays and in some cases moulds of the teeth. Often within mere days, the sets of aligners are created, and then an appointment to receive them and go through the plan again will be booked in.

A treatment focused primarily on being carried out at home by the patient, with check-ups occurring around every 4-6 weeks. Although the treatment process will have been discussed during the consultation process just days before, it will be revisited and explored again when receiving the aligner sets. This repetition and further exploration are of extreme importance for both you and your dental team as it helps ensure that every aspect of the plan is understood. From wearing the aligners for 22 hours a day to when to remove and when to switch to the new set, no matter how big or small the step may be, the understanding of the process is vital, hence the repetition.

As the alignment process progresses, our dental team will continue to touch base and ensure that regular check-up appointments are booked and attended. This will help ensure that the treatment moves in the right direction and that any adjustments that may or may not be needed can be addressed promptly with little impact. Every single treatment plan is created on an individual basis; therefore, adjustments are common, so it is important to suppress the urge to compare your plan to another. Buttercup 7 Day Dental has your best interests as their priority so rest assured you are in safe hands.

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