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Why choose a Glasgow dentist West End to whiten teeth


The road to brightening the colour of your teeth follows two paths: do-it-yourself teeth whitening with products bought off-the-shelf and in-chair teeth whitening procedures carried out by our Glasgow dentist West End.

Before making a choice, patients wanting brighter-looking teeth should consider all the pertinent points such as quality of results and dental safety and not just go with price as a determining factor. Disregarding safety and quality of results in favour of the relatively lower-priced DIY teeth whitening method often means patients have to fork out more money in the end to treat damage caused by unsafe practices or finding their own attempts to be unsuccessful in producing the desired results.

Choosing our Glasgow dentist West End at Buttercup 7 Day Dental with extensive experience and industry-related knowledge in teeth whitening procedures offers patients the chance to get the brightening effect they are after without risking their oral health. In this post, we visit some of the reasons why in-chair teeth whitening is a wiser choice.

Advantages offered by in-chair teeth whitening procedures

To understand why having our Glasgow dentist West End carry out in-chair teeth whitening is a better decision, it first pays to understand the active ingredients in the product used to bleach teeth and how it works.

The bleaching ingredient to pay attention to is hydrogen peroxide. Both in-chair whitening and DIY products contain hydrogen peroxide but in different quantities.

It stands to reason that for better quality results, a higher level of the main bleaching ingredient is needed. But the problem is that there are some safety risks to the use of this ingredient by inexperienced hands, which is why its use is regulated by the dental industry.

Only products used by dentists contain the levels of hydrogen peroxide needed to produce desirable results safely, effectively and relatively quickly. The reason why many patients who choose to whiten their teeth at home do not see satisfactory results may be because these products do not contain sufficient levels of active ingredients to target deep staining and discolouration issues.

The health risks associated with DIY teeth-bleaching products is a good reason to opt for in-chair teeth-whitening procedures. When patients do not see the results they want after their first attempt at bleaching teeth at home, they may make further attempts, this time either keeping the product on for longer than recommended or using the product too frequently – both practices are considered unsafe. Keeping the bleaching ingredient on the enamel for too long can dehydrate the tooth and result in heightened tooth sensitivity.

A responsible dentist will want to ascertain your overall dental health before initiating any cosmetic procedure. This is an advantage because any existing problems can be taken care of and will not affect the result of any cosmetic dental procedure undertaken. Failure to act on any prevailing dental problem will only have an adverse impact on procedures such as teeth whitening.

Patients wanting dramatic results from teeth whitening should talk to our dentist about the right way to achieve their smile goals. Scheduling an appointment at our Buttercup 7 Day Dental clinic is super easy – simply contact our reception desk and speak to one of our friendly front desk team members.

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