White fillings are an attractive and natural alternative to traditional silver fillings. With shade matching and improved longevity, there’s a good reason they are so popular. White fillings also bond to your tooth. This means they are kinder as less drilling is needed and it increases the tooth’s resistance to breakage.

How Your White Fillings Treatment Works

Fillings replace parts of your teeth that have been lost because of decay or accidental damage. By the time you reach adulthood, it’s quite normal to have one or more fillings!

White coloured fillings are an attractive solution because they are more or less invisible in your mouth and can usually be done in a single appointment.

We will normally carry out fillings under local anaesthetic, during which time the affected area is cleared of decay, washed and dried and a bonding agent applied. Composite resin is placed on top of the glue in thin layers, each layer hardened with a UV light, and with the last layer of the filling hardened the filling is trimmed off and polished.

White Fillings Before & After

Does It Hurt

This procedure is not painful and is carried out under local anaesthetic so that the area around the tooth is very numb before the procedure starts.

Some people can feel sensitivity after getting a filling for a short time and a dull ache for a short period after.

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White Fillings Reviews

Filling came out and needed it sorted quickly. Gerwyn cleaned out the old filling and put in a new one. No pain and excellent job done. Very satisfied. Thanks  

White Fillings FAQ's

Check out some of our most frequently asked questions.

The most obvious benefit of white fillings is the look! The resin that we use is carefully selected and mixed to match the original shade of tooth. That makes your filing practically invisible to the passing eye. White fillings also bond to your tooth, meaning they are kinder as less drilling is needed and it increases the tooth’s resistance to breakage.

White fillings used to last for less time compared to traditional silver fillings. However, a lot has happened over the last few years.

The materials available now are proving tremendously successful and white fillings are, all things considered, at least as good as traditional fillings. In many cases, especially where the filling is moderate to large, it will actually last longer than a traditional silver filling as the bonding system means the tooth is less likely to break in the future.

Unfortunately, you can’t get white fillings on back teeth on the NHS. However, we do have a great cost plan in place, which we can discuss at your consultation.

If you want to change old metal fillings to white fillings we will be happy to examine your teeth and discuss the treatment further. There are risks and benefits to treatment and our dentists will help you make an informed choice.

White fillings on back teeth start from £179.

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