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Hello there, VIP! You may not be an A-list celeb and you may not frequent a red carpet event, but here at Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we think you’re pretty special and worthy of the star treatment. With a wide range of dental treatments to cater for the whole family, you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else. We also have facial aesthetic treatments to keep you looking fresh faced and to complete the look of your wonderful smile. With appointments available 7 days a week, including some late night appointments, you won’t need to worry about taking time off work to see us! When you arrive, you’ll be welcomed by our friendly receptionists and you can kick back and relax in our waiting room, which is kitted out like a cafe, with free drinks and iPads, as well as a colouring station for the kids. By coming to see us, you’ll be getting A-List treatment!

One of our popular treatments is Invisalign to realign misaligned teeth and get that Hollywood smile.

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign is a system that consists of clear aligners that are made of plastic. They are worn over the teeth and are practically invisible when worn! This can be great for patients’ self-esteem as they can realign mild to moderate alignment issues and nobody will know how they are doing it – unless they choose to spill the beans, of course! The aligners apply pressure on the teeth to move them comfortably into the correct position. They are made to measure each patient’s mouth thanks to the iTero technology that we use to get the measurements of the mouth. Using this digital scan, we can also create a 3D animation to show patients what their teeth will look like after treatment has been completed before treatment even starts. If you opt for this treatment, you will know how fabulous your teeth could look before you begin – priceless!

What are the other advantages of Invisalign?

The aligners are removable, which means you can remove them for up to 2 hours a day. This allows you to brush and floss your teeth without the difficulty of fixed braces being in the way, so you can maintain high standards of oral hygiene. Furthermore, you will also have the opportunity to take them out when you fancy a break, want to play sports or see friends. The choice is completely yours to make!

How do I get Invisalign?

The first thing you will need to do is to book in for a consultation with us at Buttercup 7 Day Dental to find out if this is the right treatment for you. We will listen to your concerns and examine your mouth thoroughly to allow us to determine what the treatment options are. We will present these to you and answer any questions you may have so that you can make a fully informed decision about the treatment plan.

When considering which Glasgow Dentist West End to choose, choose the A-List treatment, because you deserve to have the Midas touch!

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