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In dentistry, to be modern is to be visionary, adaptable and responsive to patients’ needs. For years and even to this day, there are those patients who become anxious at the thought of requiring dental treatment. Many of the anxieties that we experience are caused by past events or things that we have heard. Our Glasgow dentist West End has decided to be different, offering a different way to relieve dental stress and anxiety. Often you may find yourself running late for your dental appointment, and you become anxious about where you are going to park. There is no need to worry about that when you visit Buttercup 7 Day Dental because you can park right outside our door; no need to search for parking. To further help you relax, we have designed our waiting room to resemble something that you are familiar with: a coffee shop complete with coffee, of course. So before you even begin your appointment, we try to remove some of the issues that could cause you stress.

Helping you maintain your teeth

Busy working patterns can make it difficult to maintain a regular oral hygiene program. Flexibility is another way in which our Glasgow dentist West End helps patients adhere to their oral hygiene routine. We provide flexible evening and weekend appointments so that your dental care stays on track. From our hygienists to our dentists, our team will make every effort to accommodate you so that your oral hygiene routine does not falter.

Advances in dentistry

Dentistry is constantly striving to achieve pain-free treatments and has already achieved some comfortable procedures. Our team regularly attends seminars and receives the latest training on the most recent techniques and equipment so that we can bring those skills to you. For those suffering from malocclusions, we have some of the most sophisticated equipment operated by our highly skilled and experienced team.

Misaligned teeth can cause several dental problems, like tooth decay and bad breath. Another feature that is different at our Glasgow dentist West End is that we offer an initial consultation at no charge. Your appointment can be in our relaxing coffee shop reception with one of our warm and friendly dentists. You will be made to feel as though you are having coffee with a friend, not at a dental appointment. If you decide you would like to enjoy the benefits of having straighter teeth, we will arrange an examination at a time suitable to you. Our advanced 3D scanner, which can take thousands of images per second, will be used to map out a complete 3D image of the interior of your mouth. From this, we will create a virtual image of what your smile will look like after your treatment. If you have lost a tooth, one of our team members will discuss the options available to you, including dental implants, which can provide a stable replacement. If it is dental whitening or white fillings you would like, we can accommodate you.

Getting to know you

No two people are the same, so getting to know you is necessary in order for us to meet your expectations. We will take time to get to know you so that when you require treatment, we understand how to treat your particular condition. We will treat you as we would expect to be treated ourselves if the positions were reversed. Putting a smile on your face is our greatest reward.

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