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Invisalign Glasgow,

Answering your questions on Invisalign Glasgow


When it comes to orthodontic treatments, the first thing to know is that there are alternatives to metal braces. In fact, there are numerous options available to you, and at Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we are there to support and guide you on one of our focuses, which is Invisalign Glasgow.

Below we look at answers to the more common questions.

What are transparent retainers?

In truth, Invisalign Glasgow is exactly that – transparent retainers. These tailor-made aligners can be created from digital scans of your teeth so that they fit snugly when worn. Made from clear, soft plastic, the aligners push the teeth gently into their new positions, and once the desired movements are complete, a transparent retainer holds them in place. Straightening your smile has never been more comfortable or discreet!

Will they work for everyone?

As with all treatments and procedures, it is rarely a one-method-suits-all deal. When it comes to the realignment of teeth, the focus is on those who are in their teenage years or older; this is important as the teeth need to be adult teeth and securely in place already.

The next consideration is whether or not the treatment will be suited to your individual case. Whilst every patient will undergo a consultation process, for some, that is as far as it will go with Invisalign Glasgow. This is due to how severe the alignment problems are and how effective the treatment will be. After all, no one wants to spend time on a treatment that will be wholly ineffective.

Is it possible to switch between treatments?

Whilst it is not advisable to go back and forth between treatments, beginning with the more traditionally styled brace to get your alignment to a certain point is common. Once a certain alignment point is reached, it may be that you wish to switch to Invisalign for the remainder. If this is the case, have a chat about your options with our dental team and discuss all the pros and cons surrounding this switch. It is important to always understand the full extent of treatment and the changeovers to ensure your smile’s progress stays on track.

An easier orthodontic solution?

Cosmetically, clear aligners fit the market and are well suited to those looking for a less conspicuous treatment. However, it is important to understand the commitment on your part. The brace methods, which are fixed, rely less on your commitment as they just do their jobs, and you merely have to attend appointments and ensure you continue to clean your teeth. With aligners, the process is much more in your hands. Removable aligners mean that it is up to you to ensure you wear them for the amount of time instructed by our dental team; usually, this is around 22 hours a day. Taking control on a day-to-day basis may sound great, but remembering to remove the aligners before having meals or cleaning your teeth and then remembering to replace them once again is the important part.

Aligners have so many benefits when it comes to realigning smiles; therefore, it is important to explore your options when seeking to straighten your smile.

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