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Invisalign Glasgow,

Curious about Invisalign braces? Your top five FAQs answered by Buttercup 7 Day Dental


When you have gaps, protrusions or a misalignment of your teeth, it can feel a bit embarrassing. Read on to learn about Invisalign in Glasgow.

After all, one of the first things people notice about you is your smile and, if you work in the world of business or are self-employed, your smile could make or break a deal. This is a concern.

Of course, growing up your dentist may have suggested braces to correct the issue that plagues you as an adult, which you may have refused out of pride. Even if your dental misalignment issues are new, there is an option to help you.The invention of invisible aligners has revolutionised the world of cosmetic dentistry, straightening adult smiles across the globe.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we can offer you an array of different invisible aligners, with Invisalign Glasgow being our most popular brace. Using advanced technology, our team will be able to predict the movement of your teeth and guide you through each step of treatment, leaving you with a smile you will be proud to show off!

Have some questions about Invisalign Glasgow? Here, we answer the top five FAQs about this orthodontic appliance. Enjoy!

How does it work?

Invisalign Glasgow uses a series of clear, plastic trays to push your teeth into their desired positions.

Changing your tray about every fourteen days, your new trays may feel tight, but this is to be expected and is part of the process. Invisible braces do not use metal or tightening and so, there should be no discomfort throughout the course of your treatment.

How long will I need it for?

This is difficult to answer, as the time you will wear this invisible brace depends on multiple factors.

The complexity of your orthodontic issue will impact on how long you wear it for; if our team is attempting to close a gap, straighten some protrusions and bring all your teeth into line, then this will take longer. You may be pleased to hear that on average, treatment with this brand of invisible brace lasts about six months, but may take up to nine months.

Will it create issues with eating?

As this brace is removable, many patients worry that it will impact on their eating.

Luckily, all you have to do is remove the trays, and replace them once you’ve finished eating. The same rule applies for brushing your teeth.

I’ve heard this brace is more expensive than traditional ones – is this true?

In a word, no.

Invisible braces may seem more pricey initially, but as with most braces, their cost is based on how long you wear them for.

Just like traditional metal braces, if you require them for longer than average, they will be more expensive. Comparing average costs, invisible braces are about the same price as metal ones.

Will there be aftercare?

Yes, there will.

Once you have finished treatment with this brace, our team will give you a custom-fitted retainer to wear.

This will prevent your teeth from moving back to their previous positions.

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