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Family Dentistry: Choosing the Best Dentist for You

Good family dentistry experiences make life a lot easier. You often don’t appreciate a good dentist until you’ve visited a … not-so-good one. Perhaps you turn up to be checked in by an uninterested receptionist. You sit for too long in a bland waiting room whilst the kids go from vaguely bored to almost uncontrollable. Finally, you open your mouth for a checkup that lasts scarcely 30 seconds. You aren’t entirely sure the dentist even checked you had teeth, let alone that they considered possible plaque build-up.

If you’re moving home, or moving dentist for any (or all) of the above reasons, then you want to ensure you are making a solid choice. It might only be a yearly visit but if you are juggling school absence, work absence, dental bills and potentially screaming children it can become a memorable day for all the wrong reasons. Here are our tips to help you choose the best clinic for you and your family.



Family Dentistry: Ask around for recommendations

A personal recommendation is a brilliant way to pick with confidence. If a dentist has been a good experience for your friends, then there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be the right choice for you, too. If you don’t have anyone to ask yet, then try asking around work, school or the people you meet as you settle into your new area.


Look at the reviews

Sure, a clinic’s website might have glowing reviews but there’s always a chance they’re conveniently ‘losing’ the more critical ones that are actually helpful. Often, dentist review sites aren’t hugely well-used by patients, but in the last few years, Facebook and Google have become great ways to find reliable reviews. Check social media channels and google’s own reviews service which will appear when you view dentist’s websites on the search engine.


family dentistry buttercup waiting room


Do you have any special requirements?

Terrified of dentists? Problems with anaesthetic? Don’t be shy in letting your dentist know these things. You will learn a lot about them by the way they deal with your requirements.

Even if you don’t consider yourself to have any special requests, you are still looking for a personalised experience. Work full time? Then you probably want an appointment some time after 5pm. Driving to your appointment? Then parking close-by is not too much to ask for. Don’t settle for anything less.


family dentistry clinic


How does it ‘feel’

If you feel welcome in the waiting room, then you’ll feel comfortable in the dentist chair. At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we keep the medical surroundings out of the waiting room.

You can expect comfortable, cafe-style seating, iPads to keep big and little kids entertained, the option for tea and coffee, and a friendly welcome. No dog-eared, dated magazines here, thank you! It’s family dentistry done differently.


Location and open hours

We have mentioned parking already, but if you are arriving by public transport then you need to find a well-connected dental practice to make your trip as hassle-free as possible. You can find Buttercup in Broomhill shopping centre in Glasgow’s West End, with plenty of parking available onsite. We are accessible by bus and ten minutes walk from Hyndland train station. We are open 7 days a week – as our name might suggest – and til 8pm most weekdays.


family dentistry buttercup glasgow


Have Options for NHS and Private Care

No matter what your current situation is, it’s great to have the option for both private and NHS care. This is just in case you choose to pay for a particular service further down the line. Make sure you take this flexibility into account when selecting your new family dentistry practice.

At Buttercup you can tailor your treatment and upgrade whenever you feel like it. This means that you can get everything made on the NHS plan, but may then decide to get a white filling privately if you wish.

Buttercup Dental was born from a desire to provide all of the requirements we’ve listed above, with a smile and great service. We are family-run with families in mind – and we are always looking for ways to improve! Please get in touch if you think we could do more to make your dentist experience as enjoyable as possible – and do pop in and see us next time you and your family need a check-up!


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