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Invisalign Glasgow,

How Invisalign Glasgow can work for you


A lot can be said about the progress that has been made over the years when it comes to the innovative teeth straightening devices that have since become available. Gone are the days where everyone is expected to wear the same style of traditional braces in order to straighten their teeth and bite, often leaving many without because their condition was not deemed severe enough.

Many of those individuals are now presenting themselves to a dentist, seeking ways to correct the appearance of their smile because unfortunately, crooked or cramped teeth will only worsen with age, they will not straighten on their own.

Invisalign Glasgow is a solution that is adaptable to many different conditions, making it a suitable choice for both teenagers and adults, for those with mild or moderate misalignments of their teeth and jaw. The flexibility this solution offers is further improved by the convenience it provides, making it an appealing choice for people who are both quite limited in their free time and willing to be more in control over their teeth-straightening experience.

If you feel like this treatment might be suitable for you, then speak with us about your options so that we can go through the process of determining whether your smile is viable for Invisalign Glasgow. We simply take a detailed scan of your teeth and jaw using the innovative iTero scanner, which gives us a complex understanding of your situation and whether Invisalign Glasgow can provide you with a healthier-looking and feeling smile.

How does this treatment actually work?

Rather than pulling teeth into alignment with wires and brackets that are attached to your teeth, this treatment consists of a removable, clear plastic tray that fits snugly over teeth then gently and gradually pushes teeth into their correct position.

Because of the iTero scan and how it pinpoints the current position of your teeth and plots the ideal movement they should make to correct alignment, this treatment is relatively foolproof, void of human error and provides you with the fastest and most effective path to that smile you have always wanted.

With the control in your hands, you are able to see the changes that you are seeking come to life right before your eyes and in the course of a few months, you will be confidently smiling as you embark on this life-changing journey towards better oral health.

How are straight teeth, healthier teeth?

To put it simply, crooked or cramped teeth are more difficult to clean, making them more susceptible to debris and bacteria build-up, resulting in more plaque and tartar. This is the leading cause of cavities, which when left untreated, can result in tooth loss. Furthermore, dirtier teeth can stain faster and you can battle with bad breath, among other conditions that can be concerning and embarrassing.

More serious misalignments can cause headaches, neck pain, eating issues and speaking issues. Teeth are designed to be aligned correctly and when they are, your overall health is known to improve.

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