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How to get the best out of your Invisalign Glasgow treatment plan


Like every other patient on teeth straightening treatment plans, you will be eagerly anticipating your beautiful new smile. The last thing you would want is for something untoward to happen that will delay your results or hinder the teeth straightening process.

While Invisalign Glasgow is one of the easiest orthodontic tools to use with numerous desirable, convenience-focused features for patients, there are certain factors that patients need to bear in mind when on this type of orthodontic treatment plan.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we offer a comprehensive consultation to patients wanting to use Invisalign Glasgow as the treatment option of choice to give them an attractive, aligned smile. This includes answering all of your questions and concerns and recommending guidelines for a successful treatment plan.

In this post, we go over those essential need-to-knows to ensure your teeth straightening treatment plan with Invisalign Glasgow gives you the results you desire.

How to use Invisalign successfully

The first thing we need patients to be aware of is that Invisalign is unlike the traditional braces system. Invisalign does not make use of a single device permanently affixed to teeth; it uses a series of aligners or tray-based braces that can be removed and reinserted into the mouth.

There are multiple aligners to be worn, so there is an interval schedule change for when a new aligner needs to be used. We provide you with this schedule, which you will need to stick to diligently; any deviation from this schedule will impact your treatment plan adversely.

As the aligners are allowed to be removed at certain times, you will need to remember to wear them again to keep on track with your treatment plan. Patients are usually allowed to remove their aligners before they eat or clean their teeth.

Overall, the maximum time Invisalign aligners are allowed out of the mouth amounts to two hours (for some patients, this may increase to four). You should ignore any temptation not to wear your aligners outside these two hours.

We urge patients to take great care of their Invisalign aligners for the duration of their treatment plans; this means keeping them safely stored when not in use. There are special aligner storage cases available for adequate storage protection. The aligners are made of clear plastic material so they can get easily lost or damaged if not stored properly.

The medical-grade plastic material of the aligners is another reason you should practise caution when using them; you must remove them before eating and drinking. Certain highly coloured foods and beverages may stain the material, making them unsightly. Hot drinks such as tea and coffee may warp the plastic material, damaging the advanced dental technologies used to straighten teeth. Damaged aligners are highly unlikely to work properly, which puts the success of your treatment at risk.

Oral hygiene is of the utmost importance for patients using Invisalign. These aligners can be cleaned and sterilised using appropriate cleaning solutions, and if you are ever in doubt about any aspect of the guidelines for use, we are always available to provide clarity.

To book a consultation to evaluate your suitability for Invisalign, please contact us at Buttercup 7 Day Dental.

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