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Invisalign Glasgow,

Invisalign: Let’s straighten a few things out!

Invisalign Glasgow

Having misaligned teeth might be the reason that you’re feeling anxious about smiling around people, or it could be the reason you obsess about looking at other people’s perfect smiles (compared to yours, you think Jaws even has a nice grin!) When it comes to having photos taken of you, you’re definitely not up for that and any you do make an appearance in certainly don’t have a smile in sight. Or, maybe you’ve learned to live with the way your teeth are. You’re not going to have fixed metal braces and be seen wearing those, so there’s not a lot that can be done about it, right? Wrong. At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we offer Invisalign Glasgow that is a discreet method of realigning your teeth that doesn’t rely on visible, fixed metal braces. With Invisalign, you can be treated for mild to moderate alignment issues such as crossbite, gapped teeth, under and overbites, and nobody will realise how you’re doing it!

What is Invisalign?

Invisalign Glasgow is a method of realigning your teeth that comprises clear plastic aligners that are worn over the teeth, so only your teeth are on show through the plastic. They sit on the gumline and are bespoke made to fit your mouth precisely using iTero technology to scan your jaw and map out the measurements needed to make your aligners. The aligners apply pressure gently on your teeth to gradually move them into the position that we’re aiming for and you will be given sets of aligners to take home for 6 weeks and change between on a weekly basis, before coming back for a checkup with us.

Why Invisalign Glasgow?

If you want to know why you should choose Invisalign, you’d better make sure you’re sitting comfortably! There are so many reasons to choose this method of realigning your smile that will definitely make you grin! The first obvious benefit is that the aligners are discreet; with clear plastic over your teeth, only the people staring intently at your mouth are going to notice something making your teeth sparkle (and who are these people you are talking to that are so fascinated by your mouth?!) Another huge benefit is that you can remove the aligners for up to 2 hours a day, including when you are eating and drinking. This means that you don’t need to have a restricted diet in any way – you can eat what you want (just remember, it’s all about moderation, though!) By being able to remove your aligners, you can also brush and floss as normal, maintaining your oral hygiene routine. Sorry, plaque! There’s no room at the Inn! Move along.

Another advantage of choosing Invisalign is that there should be little need to visit us in an emergency. While we always want to see you – and we’re open 7 days a week to suit your schedule – we don’t want you to have to hot foot in to see us in an emergency. With the aligners being made of clear plastic, there is little that can break with them, unlike more traditional braces, so you shouldn’t find you need to come and see us more frequently than for your 6 week checkups. Treatment can be completed in as little as 6-18 months and from the outset you will know what your smile is going to look like, thanks to an animation we can generate from the iTero scan we take of your mouth. It’s incredible stuff that will keep you motivated to go for your goals! And, if you’re a teenager, there’s a special range of aligners for you.

Come and see us

So, if you would like to find out more about Invisalign and how we can help, book in for an initial consultation with us at Buttercup 7 Day Dental and we’ll be happy to show you how easy it will be to smile freely!

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