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Glasgow Dentist West End,

Looking for a Glasgow dentist West End? Look at Buttercup 7 Day Dental!


Buttercup is a dental practice with a difference: we are open 7 days a week, offering evening appointments and a relaxed and friendly reception from beginning to end. For a Glasgow dentist West End, we think we’ve got all of your dental needs covered, so you shouldn’t need to go anywhere else. We offer general dental care, orthodontic treatment, as well as cosmetic dental care. Below, we have an insight into some of our popular treatments.


If you have misaligned teeth, it could be that you have a crossbite, under or overbite, overcrowding, or gapped teeth. With traditional braces, there is a lot of metal and elastic involved that can be less than appealing as an option for adults looking to improve their smile. With Invisalign you are given custom-made, removable, clear plastic aligners. You don’t need to wear them when you eat and drink, or when you brush and floss. You need to wear them for around 22 hours a day, leaving you with flexibility to also take them out when you take part in an activity or attend a social event. The aligners should be comfortable and apply a gentle pressure to your teeth to move them into the desired position. You change your aligners every couple of weeks. Once treatment has been completed, you will also need to wear retainers.

Dental implants

If you have a missing tooth, or a number of missing teeth, a visit to Buttercup can change all that! Not bad for a Glasgow dentist West End, right?! How do we propose to accomplish this? We do it by using dental implants which are titanium screws that are attached to your jawbone and act like artificial roots for your replacement teeth. Replacement teeth can be crowns, bridges or dentures. These are attached to the screws and are then firmly fixed in place. There is no need to use an adhesive as you would with normal dentures, and there is virtually no risk of them loosening when you eat or talk. You will feel as though you have natural teeth and you can continue to live your life as usual. Maintaining them is also straightforward, as you simply brush and floss regularly as you would with your natural teeth.

Teeth whitening

This is a pain-free solution to getting lighter and brighter teeth. We provide you with trays (like a gum shield) that you wear at night for 2 to 4 weeks. You will also have our professional strength whitening gel to put into the trays and it breaks down the discoloured molecules in your teeth. This means that you are bleaching your teeth in a gentle way that does not destroy the enamel of them.

Come and say hello!

So, if you fancy finding out how we can help, come and visit us at Buttercup. We offer a friendly and warm welcome. We have a coffee-shop style waiting room complete with refreshments and iPads. We want you to feel at home and when you meet our dentists, you won’t be rushed. If you have questions, ask away! We know you want a service that’s second to none and we genuinely care about all of our patients’ needs.

Buttercup is different: genuine care and compassion that is shown throughout our treatments and by the fact that we are willing to see you any day of the week.

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