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New to Invisalign Glasgow? Here’s what you need to know


Patients looking for a simple journey to getting the smile of their dreams couldn’t choose a better option than Invisalign Glasgow. Patients on the Invisalign Glasgow treatment plan will find that this teeth-straightening process offers a number of highly desirable advantages.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we only look to progressive and reliable dental techniques to ensure our patients receive high-quality dental care.

A consultation appointment to discuss the need for orthodontic treatment is a must. We have found that patients are often misinformed when it comes to dental techniques and procedures; therefore, a consultation is a great opportunity to gather pertinent information from a reliable source. Also, this appointment allows us to get a complete picture of a patient’s oral situation as well as their dental needs and goals.

Here’s what we would like patients to know about the in-demand orthodontic treatment plan.

Essential things to know before choosing Invisalign

The Invisalign Glasgow treatment plan requires a commitment to complying with guidelines of use. A patient must adhere to all recommendations made by our dentist on how to use the aligners properly.

First and foremost is to wear the aligners for the prescribed minimum number of hours in a day – 22 hours for most patients. This leaves patients with limited time during waking hours to have their meals and clean their teeth. Eating and oral hygiene are the only two occasions when patients are allowed to remove their aligners.

Patients must remember to stick to the interval change schedule. Each Invisalign treatment plan carries with it a set number of aligners (personalised to meet each patients’ needs) that need to be changed every week or two. Failure to comply with this guideline only works to disrupt the patient’s treatment plan and delay expected results.

Another guideline that must be taken seriously is keeping the aligners stored safely in the designated storage cases when not being worn. This will ensure that the aligners are not damaged or mislaid (the aligners are made of transparent plastic material, so there is a high risk of them being lost if not cared for properly), which will, once again, only delay progress in the treatment plan.

Like any other orthodontic device, wearing the aligners will need an initial period of adjustment. Patients may find their speech affected when first wearing the aligners, but this will soon disappear once they get used to having the aligners in their mouths.

Due to the limited number of hours when a patient can remove the aligners from their teeth, patients will need to plan their meal times carefully. They will have to refrain from snacking and drinking since certain foods and beverages, except for clear liquids, can stain the clear plastic material the aligners are made from. The two-hour window period is also inclusive of cleaning teeth.

Patients may see some of the guidelines as restrictive, but these limitations are temporary and well worth the effort of securing a more pleasing smile. For practical advice on how to gain the most out of your Invisalign treatment plan, schedule an appointment with us at Buttercup 7 Day Dental, and our friendly dentist will be happy to talk you through all your questions and concerns.

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