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Invisalign Glasgow,

New to wearing Invisalign and finding it tough? A survival guide from Buttercup 7 Day Dental


When you have been given the green light to proceed with any kind of clear or invisible brace, it can seem that there is very little to research in preparation.

After all, traditional metal braces require extensive brushing, polishing and cleaning to keep them in working order, so invisible or clear braces are surely easier to manage, aren’t they?

Well, yes and no!

It is true that invisible braces and aligners in particular are easier to maintain and clean in daily life, but that doesn’t mean you don’t have to prepare for them. They require cleaning, care and pain relief in the same way as many orthodontic appliances do, so don’t assume that they are a walk in the park to use; especially in the first 2 weeks!

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, our team is proud to be able to offer our suitable patients invisible and clear aligners, to make the realignment and orthodontic process easier. One of our most popular options, Invisalign Glasgow, does require a bit of preparation work for many patients, simply to ensure that they stick with it and get the straighter smile that they have always wanted.

So, what is our team’s survival guide for the early stages of Invisalign Glasgow?

Mini toothbrushes are a must!

Invisalign Glasgow is removable and as such, you will take it out to eat food, brush your teeth and attend check-ups with our team.

However, even when you are out and about, you will need to carry a mini toothbrush with you, to clean your teeth before putting the aligner back in. This will prevent decay, gum disease and will ensure that your aligner fits correctly.

Ask about dental wax

While invisible aligners are more comfortable than metal braces, you will probably need to ask our team about dental wax, especially in the early stages of treatment.

As the aligners are printed from a clear plastic, they will have sharp edges which can rub against your tongue and inner cheek, which can be uncomfortable.

So, to alleviate this, it is wise to invest in dental wax to create a barrier between the hard plastic edges and your soft tissues.

Let’s talk about pain relief

There is no such thing as totally pain free orthodontics, and in order to manage invisible aligners, you may need pain relief.

For this, we recommend paracetamol and ibuprofen; if you are concerned about the level of discomfort you are having then talk to our team, as this should not be the case.

Keep an eye on the time

To notice the best results from these aligners, you will need to wear them for 22 hours per day.

So, you will need to keep an eye on the time, especially when you are eating or removing the aligners for other reasons.

Attend appointments

While they don’t require adjusting, you will still need to attend appointments with our team.

This will help us to accurately assess the treatment process and to ensure that the overall realignment procedure is working correctly.

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