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Sharp dental pain? A guide to dental emergencies from Buttercup 7 Day Dental


Let’s be honest, there are few people who think about the ramifications of an emergency situation until it happens. And when it comes to emergency dental situations, few people ever think it will happen to them, until it does! Our dentist in Glasgow knows this.

While 2020 has provided sketchy advice on what is and what isn’t considered a dental emergency, there are still some key features and things that will warrant a same-day trip to dental surgery. And, if you are stuck not knowing if that waning toothache warrants such a visit, it is important to have a clear idea of what a dental team considers to be an emergency situation.

If you are looking for an emergency dentist in Glasgow, come and see our team at Buttercup 7 Day Dental. Our emergency dental team can provide you with fast and effective treatment to resolve any discomfort that you may be in, allowing you to get on with your day. What more could you ask for from an emergency healthcare service?

But what are some of the conditions that would require a trip to our emergency dentist in Glasgow?


Of course, at the top of the list of dental emergencies is discomfort.

If you notice a sudden discomfort in your mouth or have experienced one building gradually, you need to see our emergency dentist in Glasgow for treatment. Delaying an appointment could result in a cavity deepening, an abscess forming or an impacted tooth applying more pressure to its neighbouring tooth.


Swelling to the face, gums or jaw area requires emergency medical intervention, even if it isn’t causing any discomfort.

Indicative of more serious conditions like oral cancer and abscesses, if you notice any swelling in the facial area, you will need to contact our team urgently.


While a chip or a crack in one of your teeth may seem like more of a cosmetic issue, it can actually become quite serious if left untreated.

A chip in the enamel of the tooth can allow bacteria and plaque to get under the surface of the tooth, causing decay to set in. And as you can imagine, decay starting underneath the surface of a tooth is extremely hard to treat.

As the repair work for a chip or a crack is a simple application of composite material, it is well worth getting any damage repaired as soon as it occurs.

Lost filling or crown

In a similar area as the chip or crack, a lost filling or crown may not seem like an urgent issue when compared to an abscess.

But it can expose a previously covered area to bacteria and plaque in the mouth and may lead to further decay or an abscess forming in the pulp of the tooth.


Common after an oral extraction or trauma, bleeding that does not slow after 20 minutes of applied pressure needs to be seen by our team.

Depending on the cause, we can apply stitches or apply surgical glue to the open area.

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