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5 Reasons Why You Need To See Your Dental Hygienist Regularly

*Buzz*. Off goes your phone with a text from your dental practice, reminding you that your dental hygiene appointment is coming up. “Pfft,” you say, “My teeth are fine right now. I’ll just leave it another 6 months and see how I feel then.”

Does this sound familiar? Many people cancel appointments with their dental hygienist because they feel ‘fine’ at that moment, but you shouldn’t do this!

Even if you don’t have pain or obvious tartar buildup, you might still have dental hygiene and oral health issues to address that can only be illuminated and dealt with by your dental hygienist.

Here are 5 reasons to ensure you attend your dental hygienist appointments!

Less and More Comfortable Visits

Going to the dentist often means you’ll be at the dentist less? How does that make sense?

It’s true. If you attend regular dental hygienist appointments, it’s likely that, in the long run, you’ll have to visit them less and for shorter appointments too.

Think about it. If you leave a year or more between appointments, who knows what havoc might unleash itself in your gums and teeth. When you eventually end up with painful oral health problems, it will take time to put right, if it can be put right at all, forcing you to attend the dentist more frequently.

If you leave large gaps between appointments, they will be more uncomfortable and lengthy. A simple scale and polish will take longer to complete because the tartar buildup will be harder to remove.

If you are a nervous patient, this is a major reason to face your fear and attend regular dentist appointments. The more you put it off, the worse it may be – lessen your stress and discomfort by visiting your dental hygienist often!

Buttercup dentist and patient

Fresh Breath

At your dental hygienist appointment, you’ll be treated to a lovely deep clean of your mouth, banishing the nasty bacteria that cause halitosis, also known commonly as bad breath.

As consistently and thoroughly as you try to brush and floss your teeth, it’s often not enough to remove all the bacteria causing bad breath and build up of plaque.

Even after a rigorous scale and polish, you’re not suddenly safe for the next year or more. The bacteria make a feisty return within a day or two of your appointment.

If you want the freshest possible breath, attend your appointments regularly.

Preventive Care

Attending a dental hygienist appointment shouldn’t be reserved for treating oral health problems that crop up. It should be a preventive care source where your dental hygienist can spot potential issues, addressing them before they occur.

Poor dental hygiene has been linked to a multitude of other illnesses, aside from things like gum disease and rotting teeth. Heart disease, diabetes, respiratory problems, and oral cancer are all contenders.

Preventive care costs far less long-term than undergoing treatment, so it’s wise to see your dental hygienist often.



We were taught how to brush and floss our teeth as soon as our baby teeth poked through, but that doesn’t mean that you are doing it properly. The only way you’ll know if you’re doing something wrong is if you visit your dental hygienist.

Your appointments should be educational. Dental hygienists don’t want you to come in time and time again with the same problems, so they’ll look for issues with your brushing/flossing technique, your diet, and stress management. They want to educate you to take the best care of your mouth.

If you don’t make your appointments, you’ll never know if you’re causing problems in your mouth that could be easily addressed with simple changes!

Whiter Smile

Brush as you might, you aren’t going to be able to scrub those yellow-y stains off your teeth with your toothbrush.

Maybe you’ve overindulged in coffee, tea, or red wine, and haven’t brushed your teeth sufficiently. Your teeth are now unpleasantly discoloured.

Visit your dental hygienist! They have the tools and know-how to restore your teeth to their natural bright white. These appointments boost your self esteem and confidence.

Don’t Ignore Your Next Appointment Reminder!

There are so many benefits to seeing your dental hygienist regularly.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we have a range of treatments, including straightforward hygiene appointments to keep your oral health in tip-top condition!

If you need to arrange a consultation with one of our dentists, contact us today. Buttercup 7 Day Dental have flexible opening hours and specialise in the treatment of nervous patients, so you have no excuses to avoid your appointment!

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