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If you are looking for a Dentist in Glasgow that is a little different than other clinics, then look no further than Buttercup 7 day Dental. Here, we pride ourselves on a relaxed, friendly and stress-free environment with highly trained professionals that give you the best possible results with the minimum of fuss. In other words, everything we think a Dentist should be.

Our difference

At Buttercup 7 day Dental, your Dentist in Glasgow, we are not just different for the sake of it. We do things to make life easier and more pleasant for all of our patients. We are committed to providing a more welcoming environment and more convenient opening hours, which makes for a much more relaxed, non clinical and, dare we say, human, trip to the dentists. Here are just a few of the things that make Buttercup 7 day Dental different from the rest.

Pain Free Guarantee

Surely the biggest fear of any trip to the dentist is the dreaded pain that you may have experienced in the past. Thankfully dentistry has come on in leaps and bounds in the last decade and we are committed to expelling the fears of each of our patients. At Buttercup 7 day dental, your Dentist in Glasgow, We only use skilled professionals whose experience and technique ensure that your treatment is as pain-free and pleasant as it possibly can be.

Convenient Appointments

We completely understand that not everyone has an understanding boss or has the time to fit a dental appointment into their busy work day. That’s why we stay open until 8:30pm from Monday to Thursday and are also open on the weekends too; you can visit us on Saturdays from 9am to 4pm and Sunday from 10am to 4pm. So you can now be assured you find an appointment slot in your busy schedule to look after the important needs of your teeth.

Help for Nervous Patients

Here at Buttercup 7 day Dental, your Dentist in Glasgow. We completely understand that some people are extremely nervous about visiting the dentist. This could be because of a childhood trauma, a fear of needles or just an inherent dislike of sterile environments. That’s why we will always approach every patient in a calm and reassuring manner and will take the time to talk you through any procedure you may need, providing care and the relevant techniques to ensure you are comfortable in proceeding with the work you require.

Relaxed environment

When you walk through the door at Buttercup 7 day Dental, your Dentist in Glasgow, you won’t find a sterile, doctors like surgery. We’ve replaced the clinical and cold waiting rooms with a relaxed coffee shop environment where you can relax and enjoy free tea or coffee in a comfortable chair and access our free WiFi on our complementary iPads. You will also find that we make kids feel very welcome and safe with plenty of things to keep them entertained and distracted while you receive your care.

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