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Many people avoid the dentist as a result of dental anxiety and dental phobia. Here in the UK dental phobia is still more common than you may think. Despite significant advances in dental technology and the availability of discreet, non-invasive, pain-free dental treatments and procedures, more than half of the UK population suffer from a certain extent of anxiety or fear when they think about the dentist. Our Glasgow dentist West End can offer you a comfortable experience from start to finish. We are kind and caring and we are here to listen to your problems and find the best solution to help you achieve a beautiful and healthy smile.

What happens if you avoid the dentist

It is important to visit our Glasgow dentist West End on a regular basis to maintain good dental hygiene, a beautiful smile and fresh breath. If you avoid the dentist because of your phobia then over time plaque and tartar will build up on your mouth, resulting in the development of cavities on the surface of your teeth. Cavities are tiny holes that form on the surface of your teeth and grow bigger and deeper over time. If cavities are left untreated they can be painful, they can become infected and this may result in irreversible damage to your teeth. Eventually the tooth may become loose and wobbly resulting in tooth loss. If you visit our Glasgow dentist West End for regular check-ups and professional cleanings, this can be avoided, because any signs of cavities would be detected early on and treated quickly and successfully.

Avoiding the dentist also results in gum disease. Gum disease has very unpleasant symptoms including bleeding gums and bad breath. This can develop into periodontal disease and affect the supporting structures of your tooth and eventually if you continue to avoid the dentist this can also result in tooth loss. If you visit the dentist on a regular basis gum disease can also be discovered early on and treated promptly for a healthier smile.

Combat your anxieties one step at a time

To help combat your nerves, you may wish to visit our surgery in person to speak to our team and look around the practice. You can book a consultation and we can talk about your phobia as well as your dental concerns. When you are ready we can carry out an examination of your teeth and gums, making sure that you are comfortable throughout the process. Once we have identified your issues, we can then put together a treatment plan which consists of non-invasive or minimally invasive procedures to address your dental needs with your comfort and convenience in mind at all times. Our aim is to help reduce your anxieties by building a good relationship with you and encouraging you to address your dental needs one at a time until you have a beautiful and healthy new smile. The more you avoid the dentist the more treatments and procedures will be necessary to address your dental issues, so visit our website and find out more about us. Alternatively pick up the phone and book a consultation and let us help you smile happily and beautifully very soon.

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