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Considering straightening your smile with Invisalign? What you need to know about this brace


When you are an adult who has misaligned teeth, you may be under the belief that the only option left for you to get the straighter smile you want is a metal brace.

And of course, that is far from ideal- metal braces are extremely visible and require an exorbitant amount of time and effort to maintain, making them unsuitable for the majority of people.

Luckily, there are now alternative treatments for adults who have misaligned, crooked or gapped smiles; clear and invisible braces. As the name suggests, these remarkable aligners can help to straighten your teeth without the visual drawbacks of regular braces, making them the most adaptable option for daily life.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we are proud to offer clear and invisible braces to our suitable patients and can offer you the world-famous Invisalign in Glasgow. Custom-fitted to your teeth and offering an average treatment time of 6-9 months, it is easy to see why this brace is so popular.

But before you rush to book a consultation with us about Invisalign in Glasgow, what else do you need to know about this brace to assess its suitability?

You need to keep them in

While Invisalign in Glasgow is removable, you will need to keep them in for the brace to work.

While our team recommends keeping them in for 24 hours per day at the start of treatment, only removing them to eat, drink and practise oral hygiene. Once you become used to them, you can reduce this to 22 hours. Remember, if they aren’t in your mouth, they cannot work!

There will be some discomfort

You may have heard that both clear and invisible aligners are more comfortable than regular ones, but that doesn’t mean it is all plain sailing.

Where metal braces use force and adjustments to move your teeth, invisible braces use the shape of the aligner to gently push your teeth into the desired position. When you change between aligners, there will be 24-48 hours of pressure as the new aligner pushes against your teeth, so be sure to have some over the counter pain relief to hand.

Your treatment time will vary

Even if your best friend is undertaking invisible braces, it is unlikely that your treatment period will be the same duration.

The period that you wear your invisible brace will vary depending on the severity of the issue being treated and whether or not you adhere to the wearing of the aligner for 22 hours per day.

Lost aligners will need to be replaced

As this system uses multiple aligners to move your teeth, it is important to wear each brace in the correct sequence to ensure that the correct movements occur.

If you lose an aligner, you will need to contact our team to have it replaced, or your teeth may revert to their original position. Don’t risk it!

Their price will vary

Like the treatment time, the price you pay for this aligner will vary based on the number of aligners used and the appointments you require with our team.

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