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As human beings, we usually feel relaxed and comfortable when we find ourselves in surroundings that look and feel familiar. It is unfortunate that for a variety of reasons, some patients still suffer from dental anxiety. At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we have adopted an on-arrival visual approach to creating a stress-free environment. When you arrive at our dental clinic, you will receive a warm and friendly greeting, and instead of the customary austere waiting room, you will immediately see a difference. We have created a coffee shop-style waiting room, complete with coffee. Your surroundings will immediately convey an environment far removed from any dental surgery. You will also not need to stress about parking because we have our own parking right at our doorstep. We are a different kind of dentist in Glasgow with a team of energetic staff striving to make your dental experience a positive one.

Education, the key to oral well-being

To maintain your oral hygiene, you need to know and understand not only what you have to do but why you have to do it. Our dentist in Glasgow promotes preventive dentistry by guiding our patients on what types of toothbrushes to use and why certain toothbrushes are best suited to their particular teeth and gums. We will explain when you should brush your teeth and how many times a day. As your oral care and maintenance guide, we are also here to check how well you are doing, and we would like to see you at least once every six months.

Relationships that matter

To be an effective dentist in Glasgow, we need to know and understand you and what you expect from us. Patients have become more aware of what their teeth can do for them. A broad healthy smile can help you get a good job and even improve your chances in romance. Dental whitening has become popular, and we can help you achieve your ambition, ensuring that your teeth and gums are not damaged.

Building a relationship of trust allows us both to be candid with each other. During an oral examination, if we find a condition that requires treatment, we will explain your condition and suggest the most appropriate treatment. However, you will be the one who must eventually decide whether to have the treatment or not, so we will motivate you to ask as many questions as you need to make a decision.

Comfortable treatment

Dental science and technology are constantly evolving procedures, techniques and equipment to achieve the utopia of pain-free dentistry. We regularly attend seminars and training on the latest technology in an effort to bring their benefits to your treatments. Our team, from our front-of-clinic staff to our hygienists and dentists, are all focused on making your experience memorable for all the right reasons.

Oral and aesthetic care

Because we are a modern dental practice, our complete range of oral treatments will put a smile on your face because of your healthy teeth and gums. In addition, you can have treatments that will give your face a youthful appearance; non-surgical anti-wrinkle treatments can be administered by our trained clinicians in our safe treatment rooms.

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