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Do I need to drink coffee with a straw with Invisalign? 5 queries about this brace answered


Even if you have never worn a metal brace or aligner, over the years you have probably heard some useful nuggets of information about the daily use of these appliances. Carry on reading to learn about Invisalign in Glasgow treatments.

For instance, almost everyone knows that when it comes to metal or traditional braces, you should avoid eating anything sticky like toffee, as it can get stuck under the wire and may attach to the bracket.

As orthodontics has evolved, so too have the types of brace and aligners available, particularly for adults. Invisible and clear aligners are now commonly used to treat misalignments in adulthood, as they can often offer the same striking outcomes. But are the rules for daily wear the same for these braces as the traditional ones?

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we have helped thousands of patients to achieve the straighter smile they deserve with either clear or invisible braces like Invisalign in Glasgow and know all there is to know about these aligners. We can provide you with tips on how to keep your teeth healthy during your orthodontic treatments so that once the brace is off, your teeth will be healthier, whiter and you won’t be able to stop showing them off!

But can you eat toffee while wearing Invisalign in Glasgow?


As a general rule, when you are wearing Invisalign in Glasgow, you should refrain from consuming any other drink besides water.

This will ensure that no sugars get underneath the aligner and push against your teeth, which could result in tooth decay. However, if for example, you are out with friends, you can take the aligner out to consume coffee, tea or other beverages, provided that before you put the brace back in, you give your teeth a quick scrub to remove any excessive sugar.


Can you eat toffee during treatment with this brace? Yes, but only when the brace is not in your mouth and, like the consuming fruit juices or coffee, you must brush your teeth before putting the brace back in.

In fact, you will have around 2 hours per day during which you can leave the brace out of your mouth and during this period, you can eat or drink whatever you desire, as long as your teeth are brushed afterwards and the aligner is put back in!


You can also remove the brace for visits with our team and take it out to brush and floss at home.

So, unlike regular braces, your oral hygiene will not be negatively impacted .


While we cannot stop you from smoking or drinking alcohol while wearing this brace, our team at Buttercup 7 Day Dental strongly advises against it.

As both activities can cause your gums to recede, you may develop gum disease, which will obviously impact negatively on your orthodontic treatments.


As you may have guessed, this particular brace is removable and so, you will need to keep it in your mouth for at least 22 hours per day for it to work.

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