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Having a healthy smile is one of the key features that we all look at when making unconscious decisions about one another and perhaps more importantly when we are considering how we feel about how we look. Knowing that there are options available to improve our health and self-esteem is important, and often overlooked when regarding dental care by a dentist in Glasgow.

These options are varied and focus not only on the appearance of your smile but the health of it as well. We look at providing you with a treatment plan that is preventive, restorative and cosmetic, usually adopting several procedures in order to achieve that balance of good health and looks.

Your dentist in Glasgow has skills and experience, as well as resources and tools to work with a variety of patients, whether you often visit your local dental practice as is recommended, or you suffer from some degree of dental fear and avoid us. We offer a non-judgemental environment that aims at treating conditions and providing a welcoming warm environment where you feel safe and able to comfortably express your concerns and feel like your needs are wholly met.


What are some of the treatments that we offer?

An initial consultation takes a thorough look at your oral health to date, by going through your dental history as well as your medical history, lifestyle choices, needs and goals. We do this with a questionnaire prior to your consultation and by talking through your answers to gather more information at the beginning of the session.

We always take the time to speak with you when you come in to see us so that we can immediately address any points that are pressing and so that we can get to know one another. This intimacy is important so that you can feel comfortable and so that we can discover your needs to ensure they are met.

We then move onto the physical examination, both inside and outside the mouth, examining the health of your jaw, teeth, gums and mouth, checking for cancerous lesions, issues with your bite, cavities, plaque or any cosmetic issues that you may have.

This could include the need for x-rays so that we can further understand your condition and find proactive ways to treat any issues you may have, either presently or any you may be faced within the near future.

Towards the end of this initial consultation, we will present our findings and recommendations regarding how we progress from here. You are free to consider these and come back to us with any thoughts, concerns or ask questions immediately to ensure that you are in full understanding of your situation and your options moving forward.

Your dentist in Glasgow aims to provide you with a range of choices so that you can find a solution that best fits in with your lifestyle and beliefs. We do consider budget but are also eager to provide you with the best possible treatment. To help with this we have finance plans available to ensure that your health isn’t compromised by financial worries.

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