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How To Keep The Tooth Fairy Happy: Dental Tips For Kids

Taking care of kids isn’t always for the faint hearted, and morning and bedtime routines can feel like the toughest of battles. Trying to get your child to stand and brush their teeth for 2 minutes twice a day is hard enough, never mind getting them to have fun as well!

It isn’t always easy but it is crucial to form these good oral care habits from an early age. And they will thank you for it later.

Thankfully kids have the wildest imaginations, so the job doesn’t have to be entirely up to you.

You can share it with – The Tooth Fairy.

Appeal to your child’s fun and vivid imagination by conjuring up this classic and well-loved tale of the magic Tooth Fairy who collects shiny and healthy teeth in return for rewards. The better story you conjure up, the more your child is going to want to make her happy.

And now that they are raring to go, follow these simple dental tips on how your child can keep the Tooth Fairy happy.



Help The Tooth Fairy Fight The Germs

The recommended minimum time to brush your teeth is 2 minutes, twice a day. Along with flossing once a day to get in between each pearly white. And this goes for your kids too, even when they are very young and don’t have much to brush it is still important to get into the habit of good brushing techniques.

We know that 2 minutes might seem like a marathon with younger kids therefore telling the tale of the Tooth Fairy as they brush will make it fun and interactive. Or perhaps, learn a new song about brushing teeth.

Let your child be a hero that fights against the evil sugar monsters that try to ruin and steal their teeth away from the Tooth Fairy. Describe in kids terms what the bacterias do. How the sugar monsters try to dig into your teeth to make them fall out, and how the only way to stop them is to brush them all away. The Tooth Fairy is only able to take the very best teeth with her and without brushing every day she won’t be able to take them.

Use storytime to incorporate reasons why they should brush along with good techniques in an exciting way, and those 2 minutes will fly by.

And don’t forget to floss! Those sugar monsters can be sneaky.


healthy food fruitsEat Healthy Foods For Shiny Teeth

As we know the Tooth Fairy can only take the whitest, brightest, strongest milk teeth back to her fairy kingdom to help build her protective castle wall to keep all the other fairies safe.

To help keep them in tip top shape, encourage your child to eat healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables, and to stay away from all the sugary bad snacks that the sugar monsters love to live in.


Soft DrinksStay Away From Bad Fizzy Drinks

Fizzy drinks are just the worst for your kids teeth. The sugar monsters that live in these drinks are there to start working away on their teeth as soon as they take their first drink. They might even leave holes in their teeth before they fall out! And that means the Tooth Fairy can’t take them!

Therefore try swapping fizzy drinks for fruit juice or dilute, and if it’s already too late then make sure you are ready to help the Tooth Fairy fight off the sugar monsters by brushing your teeth soon after.

It’s okay to have a fizzy drink once in a while, but make sure the teeth are in their shiniest clean armour (freshly brushed), and drink it with a straw to avoid too much direct contact.


Be Friends With Your Dentist

The dentist and the Tooth Fairy are the very best of friends. They both want your kid to have beautiful healthy teeth and the dentist is there to help them to take care of those pearly whites.

Tell your child that making friends with your dentist by showing him what a good job you are doing for the Tooth Fairy is going to make him very happy. And in turn he will be able to tell the Tooth Fairy how good the teeth are and she might leave you an extra special reward when they come to fall out.

Therefore to keep everyone happy you should visit your dentist regularly, and try not to miss any appointments.

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Keep On Smiling - ButtercupSmile More!

Let your child know how much the Tooth Fairy loves it when you smile and show off your amazing teeth to everyone around you. It makes other people smile more too, and the more teeth you see the happier people are!

For Parents Eyes Only:
Looking for some inspiration or tips on how help the Tooth Fairy do her job? Check out this link.


If you have any tips on how best to keep the Tooth Fairy happy don’t forget to leave a comment below.

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