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Fed up with having bad breath? How our dentist at Buttercup 7 Day Dental can help


When you wake up in the morning and notice that unpleasant taste in your mouth, it can be a reminder that you need to brush your teeth before going to work! But what if you have bad breath all day, regardless of how good your oral hygiene is? Our dentist in Glasgow will tell you more.

If you are a person who has quirky food tastes, such as garlic and sardine sandwiches, then it seems normal that your breath will smell a bit odd. But if you have a regular diet with no offensive foods or drinks and are still overly concerned about talking to someone who is next to you, then it is time to see a dental professional.

While it may seem to be a minor problem, our team at Buttercup 7 Day Dental can identify the root cause of your halitosis (the fancy term for bad breath!) and help you get the fresh breath you deserve. Our dentist in Glasgow will check your mouth for a myriad of issues which can cause offensive breath, allowing you to regain your confidence and your oral health. Fantastic!

But what are some of the issues that can cause bad-smelling breath? Our dentist in Glasgow highlights the 5 most common culprits below. Enjoy!


When you come to our team complaining of offensive odours in your mouth, the first thing that our dentist in Glasgow will look for is cavities or signs of tooth decay.

While you may assume that such things would be more obvious to yourself during brushing, you may be surprised at how much odour one tiny cavity can cause. And so, this will be the first thing we check all your pearly whites for.

Gum disease

Second, on our list in the most common causes of bad breath, is gum disease.

In short, poor oral hygiene causes plaque and bacteria to accumulate which over time, begin to smell foul. With such occurrences, your body responds with inflammation and swelling, causing gingivitis or other gum diseases to form.


As many people know, if you have ever had an infection, it was usually accompanied by a foul odour.

And although an oral infection is unlikely to go unnoticed due to discomfort, if you have an odour emanating from your mouth which seems to be getting worse, you will need to book in with our team to rule out infection.

Dry mouth

An often unheard of disorder which affects many people, dry-mouth is the result of salivary glands which produce too little saliva, causing the mouth to be dry even when eating food.

While our team cannot resolve this issue in the same way that we can treat gum disease, we can offer you products to help increase saliva production to keep your mouth moist.

Bad breath is not the only consequence of dry mouth, so you may need to visit us more regularly to prevent decay.


If you smoke, our team can help you to quit this habit and restore fresh smelling breath in no time; talk to our team about smoking cessation!

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