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What’s up Buttercup?


Here at Buttercup Dental – aptly named by our young daughter, we’re not your typical dentist in Glasgow. We pride ourselves at putting the individual needs of each of our unique patients at the forefront of every service we provide. Where other practices may simply opt for the one-size-fits-all approach to conventional dentistry, we understand that no two patients are the same and that each brings with them their own original set of challenges for us to overcome. Whether it is just a simple, routine check-up that is required, or the most complicated of undertakings, our trained team of in house dental practitioners and specialists will do their utmost to ensure that patients feel completely at ease and relaxed throughout each stage of their dental journey.

A stress-free environment

At Buttercup Dental, we strive to banish the conventional stresses and anxieties that are commonplace for a number of us whenever a trip to the dentist is required. We aim to do this by replacing the sterilised, clinical interior which is normally associated with a ‘dreaded dentist appointment’ – with a friendly, relaxing and comforting environment in which patients feel not only at ease, but happy. One of the main differences in the ethos of our practice is that we aim to establish a personal, interactive relationship with each of our patients. We’ve found that by doing so, a far more mutually advantageous patient/practitioner relationship can flourish, and a bond which is built on trust, respect and understanding can grow.

We also understand, here at Buttercup your dentist in Glasgow, that the ‘normal’ parameters of 9-5 don’t necessarily apply to everyone – and as such, we tailor our hours to fit those who may require our services.

Getting things straight

One of the most popular methods of treatment which we offer here at Buttercup Dental is teeth-straightening. For this, we utilise the most advanced alignment system in the world, Invisalign. This is a comparatively new method of orthodontics which negates the need for conventional fused wires or brackets which are often found in orthodontics. The Invisalign system replaces common braces with a removable, plastic retainer. This retainer is constructed from a patented plastic known as SmartTrack, which, when worn, uses specifically placed pressure points to gradually push the patient’s teeth into their correct specifications. Prior to beginning treatment, thanks to our cutting-edge technologies, patients at our dentist in Glasgow can have a fully rendered, accurate idea of how the process will impact their smile and what they will look like after treatment is completed. This can be produced during our free, no-obligation consultation, which is required before any procedure is carried out.

Tailored to you

One of the main benefits of the Invisalign method of dental alignment is that, as each retainer is custom fitted around the contours of an individual patient’s mouth, when it is worn it fits so snugly over a patient’s teeth that it becomes practically invisible. This may explain why this method is so vastly popular with teenagers and young adults, as it allows them to undertake essential dental realignment, without attracting any unwanted attention from their peers or colleagues. Those who do opt for this method of treatment can find it to have a massively positive effect on their self-esteem and confidence as the discreet nature of the process allows them to tackle life head-on, with a smile on their faces – whilst simultaneously achieving straighter, healthier looking teeth.

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