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A simple smile with a great impact.

When we look in the mirror, a smile on our face can change the way in which our mood presents itself. Although a smile can mask what is going on, this facial expression can not only turn your day around but also impact those surrounding you. Taking pride in your own smile is therefore important but taking care of your smile is even more important.

Straightening out the problem.

When faced with the common problem of wonky teeth, the misalignment, no matter how big or small, can cause low self-esteem. We want you to embrace the freedom of a beautiful and healthy smile rather than seeking out hiding methods and avoiding solving the problem.

It may be that natural causes have impacted your smile or it may be that accidental damage has knocked them into a new aligned position. No matter the cause of the misalignment, rest assured there are several treatments and procedures that are available to assist you.

The minute you wish to straighten your smile, contact your Glasgow Dentist West End to open up a discussion on the matter. Together, you and your dental team can begin narrowing down your options from the traditional brace method through to the transparent aligners such as Invisalign.

Considering the Invisalign treatment.

Whether you have come across Invisalign before, or have heard it mentioned by your Glasgow Dentist West End, understanding how the process works and whether it would suit your personal life is important. This is where the consultation appointment comes in. This appointment enables you to discuss the treatment, ask whatever questions that may have come to light and to understand whether this treatment will suit your individual case both physically and on an emotional level. After all, with a treatment carried out primarily by yourself at home, it is vitally important to be able to manage the responsibility. This appointment will also set you up for your aligners should you wish to go down this treatment route. Each digital scan, x-ray and in some cases, dental mould, will be used to create the tailor-made aligners.

Within 1 to 2 days after the consultation appointment, whilst things are still fresh in your mind, you will be invited back to receive the custom-made retainers and to recap on the plan going forward. Daily life does not need to be greatly impacted and only minor changes within your daily plans are needed, but the importance of these changes and commitment to them will decide how effective and how quickly you can reach your end goal. Your Glasgow Dentist West End will be there to support and guide you 100% of the way but the main responsibility lies with you.

Things to remember.

Whilst the idea of a treatment controlled by yourself sounds like a dream come true for some, for others, it could be more of a burden. By taking on the main responsibility and being able to remove the aligners whenever you see fit, you may, when not sticking to a plan, hinder your progress. So do spend time considering all the options and whether or not Invisalign is for you.

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