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Tackling dental phobias with the help of our Glasgow dentist West End


A trip to the dental practice can make individuals feel dread, and in some cases, the fear can be too overwhelming. At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, we understand that alternative approaches and extra measures may need to be taken in order to help those with dental phobias to receive the dental care they need. With this in mind, our Glasgow dentist West End has undergone further training and takes a more holistic approach to ensure that all those within our care are worked with to the best of our ability.

In this article, we uncover some of the reasons dental phobias develop and some of the ways in which we approach them.

For years, research has taken place to understand the most common fears associated with trips to the dentist. Now, although each individual experiences fears in their own way, the underlying causes of dental phobias often fall into just a few categories.

A previous experience

When visiting the dentist throughout your early years, having an unpleasant and potentially scary experience can create uncertainty and fears going forward. It may be that someone within the dental practice appeared harsh and judgemental, which then created a negative association with the dental team. Alternatively, it may be that during a dental procedure, an element of discomfort occurred. Whether this was physical or emotional, having this feeling of uncertainty can, for some, create a chain reaction and lead to a fear surrounding the whole idea of trips to the dentist.

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, our Glasgow dentist West End completely understands how these fears and phobias can arise and therefore will work with you to begin changing the neural pathways and create positive associations going forward.

The environment

From the moment you walk into our dental practice, we will work on creating positive associations, and this is before you meet the team. The environment makes a huge difference to how we perceive places, so the sterile, white-washed walls and bright, unpleasant lights are not something you will walk into. Instead, whilst in the waiting room, you may feel as though you are in a local café. Hot beverages are available, along with free Wi-Fi and comfortable chairs.

Moving on from the visual alterations to the environment, there will be calming and pleasant music playing within the dental practice. In most cases, a set playlist will be in place; however, for some, requesting their own music can help to calm their nerves. So, where possible, our team will work with you to have a playlist that works for you. Just ask one of our friendly team members before your appointment so that we can organise accordingly.

The team

From our receptionist to our Glasgow dentist West End, each individual member of our team can make an impact. With this in mind, each team member has a thorough understanding of how to help and approach nervous patients whilst providing the usual high level of care. From discussing your appointment on the phone to your visit to us, our team will provide a friendly, understanding and encouraging approach so that you know you are not alone with your fears.

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