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Invisalign Glasgow,

Taking a look a the history of Invisalign Glasgow and why the device was invented


If you were a teenager with crooked teeth in the early 90s, your only choice for correcting your teeth was with archetypal braces that were bulkier, more uncomfortable, and less attractive than the versions available today. However, since their invention in 1997, Invisalign Glasgow has provided individuals with a traditional brace alternative.

Our practice, Buttercup 7 Day Dental are Invisalign Glasgow suppliers. Read on to find out more about the popular device, and how it came about in the first place.

The history of Invisalign Glasgow

Zia Chishti and Kelsey Wirth are the founders of Invisalign. Chishti was an orthodontic patient himself going through treatment when he came up with the idea that the retainer, typically used to keep teeth in place after treatment, could instead guide the entire brace system from beginning to end.

His experience with standard braces was not without inconveniences, and if he felt the frustrations of using a traditional device, there were surely others who shared the sentiment.

The idea was put into motion, and in 2001, the company was introduced to the public. In those days, invisible braces were seen as a possible viable alternative to conventional straightening aids.

This introduction was met with some hesitation by patients and orthodontists alike, who, with no prior experience with the aligners, felt the braces risky and untested. However, with training and over time, professionals and customers alike began to find Invisalign Glasgow safe, effective, and reliable.

Today, it has become increasingly popular and a competitor to metal braces.

Which is better: Invisalign or traditional braces?

It is hard to determine which is the better device because both have their sets of pros and cons.

User experience

Undoubtedly, both regular braces and Invisalign are effective straightening aids, but when comparing the user experience, Invisalign comes out on top for the reasons explained below.


With its smooth plastic and metal-free design, Invisalign is comfortable to wear, for the most part. You might experience some discomfort in the beginning and for a few days after you change your aligner for a new one.

Removable nature

Not everyone sees this feature as beneficial, but one of the joys of wearing Invisalign is that you can take a break from the device occasionally.

No cuts or mouth sores

Everyone who has ever worn metal braces knows that mouth sores are unavoidable. With metal constantly rubbing against skin, you are bound to become afflicted by cuts at some point while wearing braces.

While rubbing wax is one way of soothing the pain, wearing the Invisalign clear aligners means that you will not have to contend with mouth injuries throughout treatment.

Treatment time

The time varies from patient-to-patient, but generally, Invisalign treatments are shorter, and faster results equate to happy patients with beautiful smiles.

The range of dental issues treated.

Invisalign falls short in what it can and cannot treat in that only mild to moderate issues can be effectively treated.

If your dental situation is especially complicated or unique, conventional braces may be a better fit.

Do you want perfect teeth? Chat to our orthodontist about Invisalign Glasgow.

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