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Is your child scared of the dentist? Top tips on helping them cope by Buttercup 7 Day Dental


As a parent, you want to do what’s best for your child. At our dentist in Glasgow, we know this.

While it can be tough to get your child to attend a dental check-up if they are strong-willed, it can be much harder if they have an anxiety or phobia of getting in the dental chair.

In the UK, children fearing a dental check-up is becoming widely recognised as a public health concern; it can lead to a lack of attendance at dental surgeries, along with leading to poor oral health and higher instances of decay. Also, as harsh as it may sound, avoiding taking your child to see a dental professional is likely to make them more fearful about going in the future.

So, what do you do?

At Buttercup 7 Day Dental, our dentist in Glasgow is experienced in helping patients of all ages overcome their dental phobia, leading to whiter, healthier smiles all round. We will endeavour to reduce your child’s phobia gradually, ensuring that they are not uncomfortable at any time during a procedure with us. We know you want what’s best for them and so do we!

But how can you help your child who has a phobia of getting in the dental chair? Our dentist in Glasgow has the answer!

Be open with them

A dental surgery can be an unnerving place.

While our team at Buttercup Dental has made great strides in making patients feel more comfortable, for a child, it is still an unfamiliar place.

Before coming to see our dentist in Glasgow, discuss with your child what they are likely to see, smell and hear while in the surgery. Anxious patients always cope better if there is predictability, and if necessary, ask our team what to expect when you both arrive. We will be as helpful as we can!

Deep breathing

Many schools are now teaching mindfulness and relaxation techniques for children.

If you feel it will benefit your child, teach them deep breathing techniques, which will slow down their body’s reaction to the dental surgery and can be put into practice in the dental chair.

Gradual exposure

If your child needs a check-up and is not in any pain, why not try gradual exposure to our dental surgery?

Our team can help by showing your child the devices we will use during a check-up, which will help them to familiarise themselves with the techniques. Practice makes perfect!

Positive reinforcement

Giving your child praise for attending a dental check-up is key to them feeling better about the whole experience.

Reward their brave behaviour with a treat; this will build their confidence and allow them to associate attending our dental surgery with bravery and treats; who doesn’t want to attend a place where you get treats afterwards? (Although possibly not of the sweet variety!)

Be involved

If you are scared of going for a dental check-up, research suggests your child will be too.

Discuss dentistry openly with your child and allow them to express their concerns without fear of judgement. This will build open communication and deepen trust.

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